Kellogg Family Foundation has been partnering with LACASA for over 10 years to provide $250,000 in parenting and leadership training for families at risk. There is no instruction manual for raising children. This mission parallels the passions of founders Edward and June, serving family, children, and education.

LACASA and Kellogg Family Foundation dreamed of the first “fathers” parenting class in Michigan. The idea was very well received, and now LACASA and Kellogg have been co-partnering for over a decade to provide parenting training and problem-solving workshops. These workshops help parents build the skills and training required to break the cycle of anger, neglect, and bad behaviors that so many grew up with in their own upbringing. The program is a way to show and practice balancing family relationships, work, and school, resulting in successful futures for our children. In the early years, these family workshops were mainly offered to satisfy family court remedial requirements. The classes quickly gained popularity and these sessions are open to all men now. The impact on families and children was beyond what we expected. We hear of the amazing ways people’s lives are changed from these classes. It is a pleasure to be a partner with such an amazing organization that is focused on the mental and physical well-being of families in our community.