The “Touching Lives Program” is a grant awarded to the Livingston Educational Service Agency. Its goal is to create a ‘lending library’ of technology designed to help students with autism in the elementary and middle school buildings of Howell Public Schools. Autism consultant Michelle Charron-Witt accepted the $18,490 grant that will help autistic students as well as the student body in general. The Kellogg Foundation plans to continue donating to the lending library and increasing the opportunities for local students. The grant will provide funds for technologies that these students desperately need in order to take their education to the next level.

The "Touching Lives Program" also provides an avenue for the teachers to more effectively communicate with, and teach, their students. Studies have found autistic children supplemented with technology (specifically Touch Pad Technology) can actually surpass non-autistic children in skills. Prior graduates of these programs are leaders in fields such as marketing, management, and graphic design. They become successful, happy, independent, self-sustaining, and are able to lead normal lives due to this partnership of technology.